Small Paws – Home Dog Boarding

Terms and Conditions


Payment Terms


All fees are payable on arrival and by cash only.  Day rates are per day including the arrival and departure day.




Owners must be responsible for having their own pet insurance.  Any vets’ fees incurred for treatment of pre-existing conditions must be settled by the owner at the time of collection.  If your dog is taken to the vets, any outstanding veterinary fees must be settled prior to departure.  Owners or your emergency contact will be contracted if possible, prior to treatment given.




All dogs must be fully vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza and Leptospirosis and must have had them within the last 12 months.  Canine Infectious Bronchitis (also known as (Kennel Cough) must be given at least 2 weeks before arrival. 


Please note that there is still a chance that your dog can still contract Kennel Cough, even with having the vaccination, if you have any concerns then please take your dog to the vets.


Please ensure that your dog has recently been treated for fleas and worms.  Your dog will be checked on arrival and if fleas are present, it will be treated straight away and you will be charged £25.00.  If worms are present in their stools then they will be treated and you will be charged £25.00.


Housing Dogs


By signing this document, you are authorising that your dog will be accommodated within our home and such will be interacting with other dogs.




If your dog shows signs of aggression, contact will be limited for the safety of both the humans and other animals in the home.  It maybe that we will have to create your dog.  All procedures will continue as normal and if possible, we will still walk your dog, singularly.




We will only contact you if your dog is not eating, falls ill or in the event your dog escapes.  We are off course happy to reply to requests for updates on your dog’s stay.  If your dog requires urgent veterinary treatment, we will isolate the dog and call either the owner or the emergency contact and consent must be given. Small Paws and its staff will not accept liability for any incidents, accidents or illnesses.

Abandoned Animals


In the event of a dog not being collected the local authorities will be contacted, this may result in legal action being taken against yourself.


Dogs Belongings


We ask that you do not bring with you any bedding, Small Paws will provide all bedding and toys for their stay, however if you would like to bring something small which carries your scent then please do, please make sure that it is easily washable in case it gets soiled.


Peak Periods


The peak periods are Easter, Summer holidays & Christmas/New Year.


Our rates stay the same throughout the year with the exception of Christmas/New Year and these can be found on our website.


Opening Hours, Drop Off, Collection and Viewing Times.


Due to this being a business within our home, the opening hours are restricted to allow for privacy to the family members, the times also allow me to settle the new dogs into our home.


Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm.


ID Tags


As part of the new Animal Welfare Regulations 2018, all dogs will be fitted with and identity tag on its collar. If your dog does not have a collar, one will be provided for their stay.


Dog Walking


Your dog will be walked at least twice a day for a minimum of 20 minutes unless you request less.  Your dog will always be walked on a lead provided by yourselves.  Small Paws and its staff will not accept liability for any incidents, accidents or escapes.


Dog Washing & Blow Dry


We offer a dog bath and blow dry for £15.00; we walk your dogs what ever the weather so if you would like your dogs washed then this will be carried out on the day of departure when possible.